Built With Care

Who We Are

Roshan Patel CEO
Roshan Patel, CEO
Abel Chan, CPO
Abel Chan
COO & Head of Product
Yash Joshi, CTO
Yash Joshi, CTO

Our Mission

We believe nobody should struggle financially to receive healthcare. We focus on the details of everything we do - all to expand access to affordable healthcare for patients across the world. Walnut was built from the ground up with empathy for the patient to allieviate the burden of large healthcare bills.

two doctors discussing medical financing


Climate change is accelerating. We are committed to mitigating our environmental impact. We've pledged to donate a portion of our profits for the direct removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and its sequestration in secure long-term storage.

Our goal is not only to remove carbon from the atmosphere, but to become an early member of an ecosystem of funders and founders who will invent ways to solve the world’s largest collective problem. We continue to search for great projects, purchasers, and experts. Please reach out to us to work together on this effort or to give us any feedback.


We're a small team but rapidly expanding. Drop us a line if you're interested in working at Walnut!