Walnut for Providers

Offer your patients the ability to pay over time without putting your practice at risk for nonpayment. Multiple plans available starting at 0% interest.



Walnut offers a simpler way for providers and billers to offer monthly payment plans to patients.  No more confusion, no more paperwork: a simple, easy way to eliminate unpaid bills, all in single click.

two doctors discussing medical financing

White-Label Platform

Maintain control of the patient experience through our white-label platform. Walnut handles everything in the background while your brand sits front-and-center. Walnut also easily integrates with the leading medical billing software platforms.

two doctors discussing medical financing

Integrated Financing

Give your patients the option to conver their bill into a monthly payment plan in a single click. We'll handle the paperwork and compliance. Patients can make payments directly through your existing billing software or through the Walnut app on a mobile device. Multipe payment plans are available, starting at 0% interest.

Illustration of payment integration and patient financing

Customer Service

We know that your office is swamped handling incoming calls so Walnut offers award-winning customer service to handle patient inquiries, disputes, and questions about their payment plan so you can focus on what you do best. Walnut offers a dashboard for you to track incoming and resolved customer requests in real-time.


Walnut gives you the ability to offer your patients autopay to meet their needs and achieve higher levels of patient satisfaction. Walnut also offers automated payment reminders and fully PCI-compliant card-on-file storage.

Modern Security

Walnut comes configured with HIPAA, PCI, TCPA, CCPA, and SEC compliance out-of-the-box. Walnut is built upon modern, secure cloud technology used by the U.S. military.

Walnut for Billers

For billers collecting payments on behalf of healthcare providers, Walnut can easily integrate into your existing workflow to offer integrated 0% financing with one click.